Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Cintric, or if you need support, please contact us.

How accurate is Cintric location data?

Good question! Short answer: it varies. Long answer: raw GPS updates collected by the OS are usually around 50 meters, however Cintric uses a variety of methods including clustering, etc to increase the accuracy beyond that to 10 meters when available.

When is the user’s location updated?

With “always-on” location tracking, Cintric’s SDK collects the user’s location when they visit a location in order to save battery. With “While-in-use” location tracking, Cintric’s SDK collects location data only when the app is active and in the foreground.

Does Cintric’s SDK launch a dialogue immediately when the user opens the app?

Nope! We’ve provided functionality where you can delay firing the dialogue until a time of your choosing. This means you can have a beautiful explanation of the location feature you want to power before requesting that the user share their location.

Why is Cintric free?

Because we think location based apps are the coolest thing since sliced bread! Cintric anonymizes incoming behavioral data and uses it to do things like help cities understand traffic patterns, retailers understand how often people come to their stores, and more. This allows us to provide our location analytics to developers at no cost, as well as keep improving it for you over time.

What kind of dog does the person who designed this website have?

A miniature dachshund. His name is Mao, and you can follow him on instagram here: @maothedachshund