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Cintric acts as a complete drag and drop replacement for CLLocationManager. It has delegate support and will even pass you CLLocation objects. However, using Cintric requires no understanding of CLLocationManager.

There is a public header with complete comment documentation. You can even alt-click cintric functions in your code to see the docs.

This is an example project demonstrating how to use the Cintric iOS SDK. You can also use this project to test the functionality of the SDK on your device.

This project will track you throughout the day and save location updates to core data. You can then see everywhere you went on a map, and view the times that your location was updated.

Open the project from github and run it on your iPhone. You should see your current location appear on the map. Try leaving the example project on your phone for a couple days and see how well it works.

Visit the GitHub project here.

Cintric is a highly optimized iOS Framework which tracks users locations in the background while using only 1% battery throughout the day.

Cintric can be easily integrated by following these steps:

  • Create a Cintric developer account and get your SDK Keys.
  • Download and drag the Cintric.framework and Cintric.bundle file into your Xcode project folder.
  • Make Sure background location services are DISABLED in your Xcode project.
  • Initialize Cintric with your SDK Key and Secret in your app delegate.

Head over to and get your SDK keys. Once you've registered, download the SDK at the top of this page or below.

Download SDK

Drag the Cintric.framework and Cintric.bundle file into your project, as shown in the screen shot. The CoreTelephony.framework and the SystemConfiguration.framework are dependencies, if they are not automatically included, you will need to include them.

Cintric Installation Step 1 Image
Make sure “Copy items if needed” is checked.
Cintric Installation Step 2 Image

Your project should look something like this:

Cintric Installation Step 3 Image

Apple made a change so background location services is only needed for apps that use always on GPS in the background (this causes the blue bar to be shown in the top like in maps). Because Cintric location tracking uses only intermittent background GPS, background location services should be disabled. Apple now rejects apps that have background location services checked and do not use the always on GPS. If your app does not show a blue bar at the top for location services, make sure you DO NOT enable background services.

Cintric Installation Step 4 Image

Go into your apps Info.plist file (Usually found in the supporting files group). Select the top row “Information Property List” and hit the plus icon. Paste in the following key:


If you're using while in use mode, use this key instead:

NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription Cintric Installation Step 5 Image

Then enter a message into the value section. When the user is asked to agree to location services, they will see this message. It is recommended that you explain to the user why you are asking to monitor their location for the specific application.

An example message may be: “Your location is used to deliver relevant weather warnings.”

Type or paste your desired message into the value box.

Cintric Installation Step 6 Image

In your AppDelegate.h file (this file may potentially be named differently in your project) import the Cintric.h public header.

#import <Cintric/Cintric.h>

Then in your application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method paste the following line:

[Cintric initWithSDKKey:@"YOUR_SDK_KEY_HERE" andSecret:@"YOUR_SECRET_HERE"];

Make sure you replace YOUR_SDK_KEY_HERE with your SDK key and YOUR_SECRET_HERE with your secret key you received when creating a Cintric Developer account.

Next, call this line of code when you want to request location permissions:

[Cintric startAlwaysModeAndRequestPermission];

If you're using while in use, use this line instead:

[Cintric startWhileInUseModeAndRequestPermission];

Your project should look something like this:

Cintric Installation Step 6 Image

Cintric is now fully integrated into your project!

Update History

Cintric iOS SDK 3.2.4

July 29, 2016
  • Fixed issue where some app delegate methods may not be getting called.

Cintric iOS SDK 3.2.2

April 22, 2016
  • Fixes an bug where locationServicesAuthorized delegate was not being called for while in use mode

Cintric iOS SDK 3.2.1

May 20, 2016
  • Bug fixes

Cintric iOS SDK 3.2.0

May 18, 2016
  • While in use bug fixes, including correctly setting current location
  • Performance improvements, and network usage reduction

Cintric iOS SDK 3.1.1

May 9, 2016
  • Fixed code entitlement issue with Cintric.bundle

Cintric iOS SDK 3.1.0

May 2, 2016
  • Added while in use location mode

Cintric iOS SDK 3.0.0

December 12, 2016
  • Xcode 7 support
  • Improved iOS 9 support
  • More battery efficient location tracking
  • More accurate visit tracking
  • Bug fixes